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Welcome to the Total Foot and Ankle Clinic where we cover all aspects of sports and general Podiatry 


No-Gap promotion: Total Foot and Ankle Clinic in Parramatta is offering a great special for the Month of May. Patients are able to access No-Gap on their Podiatry Consultation and Orthotics.


Conditions include:

- Patients must have both Podiatry and Orthotic Cover on their health fund policy to be eligible with un-used annual limits still available.

- Patient must have clinical indications for custom orthotic prescription which include: Flat Feet, Pronation, Heel Pain, Achilles Pain, Knee Pain and other lower Limb complications and issues.

- Consultation must in the in the month of May 2024

To make an appointment or discuss further, please contact the clinic on 02 9635 8739.

Covers all health funds including Medibank, Bupa, NIB, HCF and more

sore feet

The Podiatrist - Dr Omar Najjarine

Podiatrist: Dr Omar Najjarine has over 15 years experience in Podiatry and treating patients. Specalising in biomechanics, lower-limb paediatrics, custom foot orthotics, AFOs, nail surgery and sports Podiatry. Dr Omar is also Endorsed Prescriber, able to prescribe medication for foot related conditions. The clinic is BUPA member's first, Medibank Provider choice and NDIS registered clinic. 

Orthotics and AFOs 

Our custom orthotics and AFOs are fully customised using the latest 3D technology in design and manufacturing. The unique aspect of our clinic is all the custom orthotics are designed and approved by the treating Podiatrist to assure the best results and outcomes for the patient. Our custom orthotic are many from the best material including Nylon, Polycarbonate and EVA (single block), this gives orthotics a life span up to 4 years before they need replacing. 
Designed and Approved by treating PODIATRIST!

Technologies and Scans


EOS Body Scan



foot scan

Pressure Foot Scan

Gait analysis

Gait Video Analysis

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