FAQ - Common Questions?

Does my health fund cover podiatry treatment?

Most, if not all, health funds cover podiatry services. However, it depends on the level of cover that a patient has. Please contact your health fund for more information. The item numbers that you would need are 004 for initial consult, 014 for sub-consult. If requiring Orthotics, 301 for casting and 221 for the Orthotics devises (make sure you mention to your health fund that your inquiring about both feet) We are also a Medibank members choice Podiatry clinic. So if your with Medibank, you get more back and discounts on certain items, like Orthotics.


What is the Initial consult cost?

Dedending on the assessments required and time, the initial consultation costs range from $80 for general assessments to $150 for biomechanical assessments. The Podiatrist will be able to give a better idea on costs involved.


What is the cost of Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics is a very general term, there are many different types of orthotics, they can range from $50 for generic, all the way up to $800 for custom orthotics. Depending on style, type, condition, needs and budget of the patient. A Podiatrist will discuss the best possible range for your needs.


What is a good age to bring my Child in for an assessment/check-up?

Normally it is best to bring your child after the age of 2, and not delay this too much.


Is the Parramatta clinic close to the station and bus stops?

Yes, we are within walking distance. There are no stairs or obstacles when entering the building.


Since I work, are there any early or late appointments available?

Yes, our earliest appointment is 8am and the latest 6pm.


Can a Podiatrist refer for X-rays and Ultrasound?

Yes they can, but only from the hip down.


Do Podiatrists remove corns and calluses?

Yes, Podiatrists do remove corns and calluses.


Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us