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Case Study 1 - Jay

Jay attended the clinic for complications that arose from a work place injury. The patient has a left foot ankle injury after falling from a platform, damage to the ankle joint. The patient underwent ankle fusion which caused his foot to remain in a plantarflexed position (downward fixed position). The patient developed pain in his left ankle, knee, hip and lower back. His following findings for the assessment (simplified) were:

  • No left heel contact when walking.

  • Bouncy gait and Unstable Gait.

  • Sore Left ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

  • No range of motion left ankle.

  • Left foot supinated position.

  • Functional Leg Length caused by heel lift. 

  • The heel was fixed not making contact with the ground.

Treatment consisted of custom orthotics with forefoot valgus posting and modified footwear for compensate for the lateral stride and heel raise. Allowed to compensate and the patient to walk with a normal gait. 

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