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Knee pains and osteoathritis

Knee pain is a vague statement and can refer to many problems of the knee.  The most common being diffused pain around the patella (Known as Patella-Femoral pain syndrome) and knee arthritis.


Knee arthritis is characterised by a decrease in joint space.  This can be a very painful and frustrating condition. Many problems of the knee can be related to the foot and the ankle, as the knee and hip are connected. Through an assessment, it is possible to determine certain aspects of the foot position in relation to knee osteoarthritis.

Patella-Femoral pain syndrome is nominally characterised by general, diffuse knee pains, which get worse during sporting activities and walking up/down stairs. It has a lot to do with mal-alignment of the patella and incorrect knee function.

Through an assessment, causes of these knee problems become clear. Causes may be due to the feet or muscle imbalances of the muscles working around the knee.



The foot and knee have a very close relationship, what the foot does will affect knee function. This is best treated by custom inserts which change the position of the foot. This will change the mechanics of the knee and thus, offload the pressure points of the knee and improve its range and quality of motion. Acupuncture also works well in reducing pain in the knee. An assessment is needed to determine the type of insert needed.

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