Ball of foot pain - Morton's Neuroma

Ball of foot pain or Morton's Neuroma is characterised by pain and numbness of the plantar aspect of the foot (ball of foot) and numbness between the toes. Most commonly of the third and fourth intermetatarsal spaces, but can occur other places. It is caused by the entrapment of the intermetatarsal plantar nerve which runs between the bones of the foot.

Pain can be localised, or spread out through the foot. Can sometimes feel like walking on a 'marble'.

Treatments Since this problem is caused by the metatarsal bones of the feet collapsing and squeezing the digital nerves.



The treatment requires raising and separating the metatarsal bones to free the nerve, and this is done by a device called a met-dome, which sits under the foot. This will relieve the pains and free the nerve from pressure. An assessment is needed to determine the correct position of the dome, to relieve the pressure of the nerve and thus eliminate pain.