Common Conditions

Heel Pain / Plantarfasciitis 

Flat Feet - Pronation  

Knee pains and Arthritis

 Ball of Foot Pain

 Achilles Tendoniitis

 Leg Length & Back pain

Common Sporting Injuries

Bunions - Hallux Valgus 

 Shin and Muscle pain

Walking Problems

Kid's Corner

 Kid's Flat Feet

 Kid's Heel Pain (Sever's)

Kids Knee Pain (OsGood)

 Kid's walking problems

Intoeing / Pigeon toed 

General Podiatry

 Ingrown Toe Nail

 Nails, Callus & Corns

High Risk and Diabetes

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Parramatta Clinic

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Greenacre Clinic

Greenoaks medical centre

3/139 Waterloo Rd

Greenacre, NSW, 2190

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