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What is a Medicare EPC Plans?

"EPC plan" refers to Enhanced Primary Care plans, a term used in the context of healthcare in Australia. Enhanced Primary Care plans are structured care plans that involve a team of healthcare professionals to manage the care of individuals with chronic or complex medical conditions, that is covered under Medicare. 

EPC plans allow patients to see a PODIARTRIST 5 times a year - bulk billed (Covered by Medicare)

For podiatry specifically, in Australia, patients may be referred to a podiatrist through an EPC plan. This plan involves collaboration between the patient's general practitioner and other allied health professionals, including podiatrists, to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.

Here's a simplified overview of how an EPC plan work: 

  1. GP appointment: The GP will check your eligibility and prepare the necessary paper work. 

  2. Referral: The patient is referred to a podiatrist by their general practitioner (GP) through an Enhanced Primary Care plan.

  3. Care Plan: A care plan is developed collaboratively between the GP and the Podiatrist. This plan outlines the specific podiatric interventions needed, such as assessment, wound care, or other specialised treatments.

  4. Make sure the referral is recorded in the clinics name or treating Podiatrist. 

  5. Bring the EPC referral with you to your appointment and the clinic will claim the visit via Medicare directly. Example of EPC plan referral below...

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